Zoom simplifies starting your first meeting. It is as simple as logging into the portal and click Host a Meeting, though we've included a few extra details to help.

Before hosting a meeting. It is important to understand your video, audio and microphone options. Laptops and macs typically have all three built in. Desktop users will need a USB Web Cam (video and microphone) and/or a headset (audio and microphone) depending on your configuration. In a pinch, you can also dial into the meeting from your phone. Long distance charges may apply.

Remember to plug in your USB Web Cam or headset before initiating a Zoom session.

In this example, we will launch a “With Video Off” meeting using computer audio.

  1. Navigate to https://msri.okta.com, login then click Zoom tile.
  2. Host A Meeting > select the appropriate option.
  3. Click Run to install Zoom_Launcher.exe

    4. Choose Audio connection option.

    5. Meeting desktop displays.